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Wahsega Labs Looks To Help K-12 Segment Save Big On Education Technology

In 2014, Georgia-based IP communications manufacturer Wahsega Labs made a commitment to make a difference in K-12 education technology in the United States. The company’s management and product development teams saw a chasm between immediate, high-priority needs like security and advanced learning tools, and the budgets that school administrators find themselves saddled with.

Since 2008, 31 states are providing less funding for K-12 schools and this is forcing cuts in education services, hikes in local taxes or both. In fact, some schools continue to cut school spending to this day. Security is more important than ever in light of the continuing threat of violent events in our schools. Installing advanced in-class sound reinforcement systems and multimedia content delivery is challenging without enough funding. School IT staff struggle with trying to maintain current antiquated systems which further stretches these budgets.

Wahsega had an answer. With more than sixteen years experience creating different products for hundreds of different applications, Wahsega Labs recognized that they could leverage its expertise to create cost-effective solutions at the right price point and with more features than its competitors. So, they set about building a versatile networked, classroom communication and paging device. It reinforces sound in the classroom without the need for extra AV equipment, saving at least $500 per classroom. It activates electronic security measures to contain an issue before it spreads. They chose to support SingleWire’s InformaCast since it is the most trusted and reliable paging platform in the market. All Wahsega products including access control intercoms and IP paging zone controllers support InformaCast.

The result is the Wahsega 2X2 Ceiling Speaker With InformaCast and SIP. The unit drops into the ceiling of the classroom by replacing one of the ceiling tiles. It is powered by a network cable coming from a Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled network switch and connects with SIP phone systems. A microphone is included in every ceiling speaker enabling two-way communication between the classroom and administration or any destination that the teacher needs to call. For security, the speaker has a panic button and two relays that can be used to trigger external strobe lights or lockdown the doors during an emergency situation. The lockdown is designed so that doors can only be opened from the inside of the room. These are just some of the ways that Wahsega is helping to keep our schools safe.

From the IT standpoint, the units only need half the normal Cat6 wiring because each SIP Ceiling Speaker can power another speaker in another classroom without needing to run additional Cat6 cable from the IT closet. By eliminating one Cat6 cable run per two classrooms, this cuts installation costs by up to 45%, saving schools thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. An additional benefit is that two classrooms only require one PoE port which reduces the amount of PoE switches that the IT department needs to maintain. With K-12 education technology spending under constant pressure, Wahsega is helping to reduce the burden on budgets and the amount of equipment the IT staff needs to keep track of. Reliability is excellent and since the units are made from start to finish in the United States, access to support is a given.

Today, this remarkable device is available to purchase for deployment in a wide variety of environments. Hospitals and other multi-room facilities can benefit as well. Contact sales at Wahsega Labs to find out about pricing or purchase the product directly from the company website. School security is too important to be a victim of seemingly endless budget cuts. Wahsega Labs K-12 products can help bridge that gap.