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Glen Lake Case Study

Glen Lake Case Study

Glen Lake Case Study

(Maple City, MI) Glen Lake Community School is a K-12 school system employing the campus-wide Wahsega Life Safety Security Solution. Like countless schools across the US, they had the goal of overhauling a PA system which dated back to the 1950’s and a basic security system which previously consisted of simple door locks. The Director of Administrative and Instructional Technology, Marcus Mead recognized that their 5-step process in alerting authorities was outdated and with many points of failure.

The Challenge

 Marcus sought a company specializing in school safety and envisioned a comprehensive security system, later named the “Armed Intruder Alert System” employing Wahsega Labs products and expertise. This five level security system has become a reference point for other schools and includes the following:

  1. 1-step alarm activation
  2. Shot sensors triggering automatic deployment
  3. Visual alerting
  4. Audio alarms and lock-down messages campus-wide
  5. Automatic notification to law enforcement

The Solution

This five-point security system is capable of fulfilling every critical component that Marcus envisioned. With Wahsega Labs at the core of the project, Glen Lake Schools' Armed Intruder Alarm System successfully automates the activation process and reduces response time when every second counts.  Marcus describes Wahsega as the integral backbone of the operation, only made possible through the product line’s versatility.

”There are so many options that you can explore with the Wahsega speakers. I have also found their customer support to be outstanding.  They take ideas and run with them.  As we were developing our specific application, they updated the firmware to better meet our needs.  Wahsega is a fantastic company to work with. “

-Marcus Mead, Director of Administrative and Instructional Technology 


Is this the solution for your school? 

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