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Stream audio over IP quickly and simply.

Learn how to stream TV audio to your phone or tablet at the gym, sports bar or museum.

The Wahsega Labs IP Audio Encoder/Decoder can decode IP audio streams to play out over analog speakers or encode analog mono audio sources using various codecs (PCM, G.711, G.722 HD, SILK) and then stream over the network to any client with the ability to receive multicast audio. Setup and configuration for both the single-channel and two-channel versions are extremely simple, enabling the Encoder/Decoder to be used in locations such as sports bars, gyms, museums or any other place where multiple channels of audio streaming may be useful.

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Quality Standards Quality Standards

Wahsega Labs products achieve the highest standards of performance in the market by utilizing our complete quality assurance program encompassing software testing, product design and a multistage automated factory test program.

  • Wahsega Labs’ ultimate goal is to provide a solution that is both cost effective and unsurpassed in quality. By leveraging existing relationships with suppliers to guarantee premium components at the lowest possible prices, we are able to ensure Wahsega Labs products are the finest quality in the market while still offered at highly competitive prices directly to installers.
  • In order to achieve the greatest possible voice clarity, all voice and related algorithms have been individually tested to ensure the highest potential MOS score. The accumulated error syndrome, which can cause poor voice quality, is mitigated through this testing process.
  • Wahsega Labs’ engineering team utilizes a wide array of dedicated test servers to pull and build the various software projects multiple times per day. Each automatic build is then run through an extensive set of automated test cases to ensure the highest performance of each and every firmware version released. This test case coverage is expanded on a continual basis.
  • All Wahsega Labs products are 100% factory tested at the board level through a bed of nails full functional test, not just an “is it close enough?” flying probe test. Every finished product is 100% tested again after the final assembly via an automated test station to ensure the highest production quality product for installers.
  • To assure the highest quality standards, all Wahsega Labs products are designed, developed and manufactured in the USA.