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Because our relationship with our customers is our number one priority, all Wahsega Labs products are available directly to installers. Save time and money without sacrificing quality.


Every Wahsega product is designed, developed and manufactured in the USA, ensuring the highest quality audio and durability at the best price available. Each unit is thoroughly tested by our QA team before leaving the door, resulting in the industry’s lowest failure rate and fewer service calls for our installers.

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Not only can our installers purchase Wahsega products directly from the manufacturer, they can also receive support directly from the talented team who created those products. Contact us today with any questions.


Wahsega Labs: Intercoms

IP Intercom Systems

Indoor and outdoor SIP-enabled intercom systems loaded with features and easy to set up, Wahsega intercom systems are also available with InformaCast Advanced Notification integration capability.

Wahsega Labs: Streaming Audio

IP Audio Encoder/Decoder

Stream audio to your mobile device from any TV source with an IP Audio Encoder/Decoder and the new Wahsega ZipStreamer mobile app for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ smartphones and tablets. Have a customized listening experience at the gym or sports bar!

Wahsega Labs: IP Paging

IP Paging

Broadcast audio and voice to analog paging speakers throughout a building or multiple buildings using any SIP-enabled phone on your network. InformaCast support is also available!

Wahsega Labs: InformaCast® IP Endpoints

InformaCast IP Endpoints

Integrate Wahsega speakers and intercoms with Singlewire's InformaCast Advanced Notification System. Wahsega's InformaCast-enabled products feature dual registration, enabling both InformaCast and SIP communications from a single IP endpoint.

Wahsega Labs: Speakers

IP Speakers

Multi-function speakers can act as two-way intercoms and provide power for up to two classrooms from one PoE endpoint. InformaCast models add emergency paging and door lock control capabilities.

Wahsega Labs: Diet PBX

Diet PBX

The Wahsega Diet PBX is an advanced paging IP PBX hardware appliance that allows Wahsega customers to easily create a full VoIP communication system with Wahsega’s intercoms, paging adapters, IP phones, ceiling speakers as well as any third-party SIP compliant devices.

Simple Configuration

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Configure Wahsega products quickly and efficiently onsite

The difference between a profitable job and a disastrous one often comes down to the quality of the product and the time spent onsite. We have gone to great pains to ensure that every Wahsega product is easy to use and even easier to configure. Take a look at our configuration guides to see what we mean.

Wahsega Labs: Intercoms Controller

Sacrifice nothing

Wahsega Labs’ ultimate goal is to provide a solution that is both cost effective and unsurpassed in quality. By leveraging existing relationships with suppliers to guarantee premium components at the lowest possible prices, we are able to ensure Wahsega Labs products are the finest quality in the market while still offered at highly competitive prices directly to installers.