Wahsega Labs Saves Hospitals Thousands In Wiring Costs

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Saving on wiring costs

By Reducing Wiring, Hospitals Can Realize Huge Savings

It seems that finding new ways to save ever-tightening hospital budgets is getting exponentially more difficult every year. Healthcare institutions utilize group purchasing organizations (GPOs) to leverage economies of scale. Cutthroat bidding for pieces of shrinking budgets can only take us so far. Wahsega Labs designed their 2x2 Ceiling Speaker with InformaCast with an ingenious cost saving measure built in: installations that require less PoE cabling.

The easiest solution isn't always the simplest or the best. Linear logic says to run one cable to each location that you want a speaker. In this case, the cable has to either be run directly from a PoE (power over ethernet) network switch or, worse yet, actually add a power adapter to power the speaker. As many of these speaker locations use more than one speaker per room, you can very quickly add to your cost with each new wire run. Actually, that doesn't sound so easy after all.

The product designers at Wahsega hit upon the idea of including a PoE/network source in the first of the two speakers. This can drive the second speaker up to 60 feet away by simply running a Cat5e or Cat6 cable from the first speaker to the second. No punching larger holes through walls all the way back to the network closet. In some cases, you are just slinking the cable across the other ceiling tiles and slipping patch cable into the next classroom. It works even easier when installing multiple speakers in a large hall or room.

There are solid benefits on top of the installation savings. These speakers leverage InformaCast by Singlewire so that they can register as SIP endpoints on InformaCast or a SIP Telephony System. Once that's done, configuration is done over a web based configuration utility built into each speaker. Options such as room configurations, available panic buttons audio quality and network configurations are just a webpage away. Time savings anyone?

Let's look at this in detail. Less cabling needs to be installed. You've conserved a precious PoE port on your switch. Time savings that add up to getting your public address or audio enforcement systems on the job faster. Easy, flexible configuration that takes minutes to set up. Wahsega Labs likes it when hospital administrators smile.