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Cost effective VoIP solutions, made in the USA.

The Wahsega Labs product line offers the highest quality audio and durability in the industry today. Each and every Wahsega IP product is designed, developed and manufactured in the USA, ensuring a superior product at the best price available in the market. Become a Wahsega Certified Installer to learn more.

IP Paging

Send or receive broadcasted audio and voice to analog paging speakers within specified zones by using any SIP-enabled phone on your PBX. InformaCast support also available!

IP Displays

Wahsega’s line of PoE enabled IP Displays enable continuous time and date display but also allows for critical textual information to be scrolled on the display. The LED displays supports over 32,000 colors and vector font technology providing easy reading comprehension.

IP Audio Encoder/Decoder

Encode analog mono audio sources using various codecs or decode IP audio streams to play out over analog speakers.

InformaCast IP Endpoints

Access control intercoms and zone controllers with InformaCast and SIP PBX dual registration capabilities.

IP Speakers

Multi-function speakers can act as two-way intercoms and provide power for up to two classrooms from one PoE endpoint. InformaCast models add emergency paging and door lock control capabilities.

IP Intercom System

Indoor and outdoor IP intercom system for access control. Designed and Manufactured in the USA.

IP PBX System

A Wahsega IP PBX is an advanced paging IP PBX hardware appliance that allows our customers to easily create a full VoIP communication system with Wahsega’s intercoms, paging adapters, IP phones, ceiling speakers as well as any third-party SIP compliant devices.