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IP intercom system made easy.

Install your own simple intercom system using any of the Wahsega intercoms below. If you have any questions, click Contact Us.

The SIP-Enabled IP Indoor Intercom is a low cost, small, surface mount IP intercom with one or two button versions, powered via Power-over- Ethernet (PoE). Can be used to broadcast alerts and announcements from public address systems using voice over IP (VoIP), or function as an apartment SIP intercom for unlocking a remote door. It can also play background music.

In addition to these features, the SIP-Enabled IP Indoor Intercom can configure one of its buttons to act as a panic button, with added functionality to reduce the number of panic button false alarm calls. With this advanced functionality, a brief button press places a call to one preconfigured number in normal intercom mode—such as a front office phone—while a longer press-and-hold will place a call to a second, preconfigured emergency number.

Each SIP-Enabled IP Indoor Intercom also has an onboard relay, enabling centralized or local control of a door lock or other options such as a strobe.

Programming the SIP-Enabled IP Indoor Intercom is simple, and LED feedback on the intercom lets installers know when their system is up and running. Auto-configuration solutions for both option 66 and option 150 are included in the firmware for fast and efficient system initialization and maintenance of large numbers of intercoms for site wide management.

With simple installation and programming, advanced functionality and reduced labor and installation costs, the Wahsega SIP-Enabled IP Indoor Intercom is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications.

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Weather resistant outdoor IP intercom system and door phone. Designed and manufactured in the USA. With conduit and fastener access located on the rear of its enclosure, this outdoor intercom system easily mounts on standard gooseneck pedestals. Use any phone on the existing PBX or connect via peer-to-peer communication, with no PBX required, to greet visitors and unlock doors and gates with a simple DTMF code. Premium phone quality two-way audio makes this IP door phone system the perfect door access control solution for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, outdoor locations, parking structures and office buildings. With PoE power, a durable steel housing and vandal resistant security screws (included), a secure installation is both fast and easy. Using any device with a browser on the local network, you can access the included web interface for quick configuration of each IP gate intercom system. Optional weather hood also available for this model. Also available in two-button and no-button configurations. Contact us for details. Note: Ethernet cable can only be connected through the rear conduit access.

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Indoor IP intercom and door phone with paging capabilities. Designed and manufactured in the USA. Using a standard electrical junction box enclosure, the Wahsega flush mount indoor intercom can be easily installed in a variety of environments such as assisted living facilities, correctional facilities, business offices, school classrooms and more. Crystal clear two-way audio allows for full duplex conversations with any receiver configured in the IP intercom’s web interface. With peer-to-peer (P2P) communication capability, communicate with or without a SIP PBX. Also available in two-button and no-button configurations. Contact us for details.

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Weatherproof outdoor IP doorbell phone intercom designed and manufactured in the USA. With the highest phone quality two-way audio in the industry, Wahsega’s IP door phone intercom is a perfect door access control solution for manufacturing plants, warehouses, secure locations, parking garages and multi-tenant office spaces. Access the outdoor IP door intercom from any phone on the existing PBX to greet visitors and unlock doors with a simple DTMF code. Alternatively, the intercom can be accessed without a PBX, via a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. Using PoE power and the included 2-gang housing and vandal-resistant security screws, outdoor installation is simple and secure. Quickly configure each outdoor IP doorbell intercom’s software using the included web interface, accessible with a browser from any device on the local network. Also available in two-button and no-button configurations. Contact us for details. Note: Ethernet cable can only be connected through the top or bottom conduit holes.

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The Wahsega Diet PBX is an advanced paging IP PBX hardware appliance that allows Wahsega customers to easily create a full VoIP communication system with Wahsega’s intercoms, paging adapters, IP phones, ceiling speakers as well as any third-party SIP compliant devices. The Diet PBX hardware appliance targets paging and access control intercom deployments in the education, correctional facilities, healthcare, industrial and manufacturing, office buildings and hospitality markets. The Diet PBX is a key component when combined with Wahsega’s paging, IP speakers and intercom offerings to form a complete solution for paging and access control intercom applications.

Since the Diet PBX is an embedded appliance, not an application running on a PC or a Linux platform, it allows for rapid, fully functional boot times of 10-20 seconds and has near zero risk of viruses, and it is impervious to all common hacking methods. It is also designed to operate at Industrial temperature extremes (-40C to +85C). With the Diet PBX’s built in DHCP Server, it allows for simple LAN islands for paging and intercoms without the cumbersome setup issues using VoIP devices in peer-to-peer mode with static IP addresses.

What makes the Diet PBX unique is its super set of paging functionality and ease of deployment capabilities.

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Quality Standards Quality Standards

Wahsega Labs products achieve the highest standards of performance in the market by utilizing our complete quality assurance program encompassing software testing, product design and a multistage automated factory test program.

  • Wahsega Labs’ ultimate goal is to provide a solution that is both cost effective and unsurpassed in quality. By leveraging existing relationships with suppliers to guarantee premium components at the lowest possible prices, we are able to ensure Wahsega Labs products are the finest quality in the market while still offered at highly competitive prices directly to installers.
  • In order to achieve the greatest possible voice clarity, all voice and related algorithms have been individually tested to ensure the highest potential MOS score. The accumulated error syndrome, which can cause poor voice quality, is mitigated through this testing process.
  • Wahsega Labs’ engineering team utilizes a wide array of dedicated test servers to pull and build the various software projects multiple times per day. Each automatic build is then run through an extensive set of automated test cases to ensure the highest performance of each and every firmware version released. This test case coverage is expanded on a continual basis.
  • All Wahsega Labs products are 100% factory tested at the board level through a bed of nails full functional test, not just an “is it close enough?” flying probe test. Every finished product is 100% tested again after the final assembly via an automated test station to ensure the highest production quality product for installers.
  • To assure the highest quality standards, all Wahsega Labs products are designed, developed and manufactured in the USA.
Intercom Functionality Intercom Functionality

Wahsega Labs access control intercoms’ initial functionality includes:

  • IP/VoIP Door Phone Intercom
    • Crystal clear audio
      • High-definition 16kHz (wideband) and 32kHz (ultra-wideband)
      • Full-duplex (two-way) conversations
      • Acoustic echo cancellation
      • Background noise suppression algorithm
    • Extensive VoIP interoperability with most SIP servers and PBXs
      • Peer-to-peer (P2P) mode for decentralized communication
        • Multiple audio codecs for SIP/VoIP Audio, including G.722, G.711, DVI4, Speex, SILK, PCM and iLBC
        • IP Door phone Control and Monitor for SIP/VoIP based systems
          • Support for external Request to Exit (RTE) button and/or motion exit
            • Direct door latch control
              • Internal switch for control of devices up to 24V DC @ 1.5A
              • External relay compatible for control of high-voltage/current or AC devices
            • Door closed status monitor input
            • Web-based SIP/VoIP Intercom configuration
              • All configuration options accessible via easy-to-use HTTP web interface
              • Industrial Temperature Range (-40°C to +85°C)
                • Conformal coating on products designed for outdoor installations
                  • PoE 802.3af powered
                    • Security
                      • Secure web page configuration and monitor, HTTPS
                        • Secure SIP/VoIP, TLS
                          • Encrypted Voice/Audio Via Secure RTP, SRTP using AES-256